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Does he love me or not?

I begin to dwell in my thoughts

Does he love me or not

It seems in my mind

The devil has me in knots


Over and over again

How I repeat my own sin

The devil has me confused

My life is what’s bruised


It’s in my mind that I dwell

My voice wants to tell

Of God’s great grace

How he spared me from hell


I now dwell in my thoughts

Does he love me or not

It’s his voice that I hear

How he draws me so near

©copyright By Christina Wilson, All Rights Reserved 2017


He Who Reign

We started as dust

In God we trust

I was saved from sin

It’s God who has the power within

I fall on my knees and beg for mercy 

Just wanna know that I’m worthy

He forgave me me

When he saved me

It’s Jesus he who’s come to reign 

Now with him there is no more pain

© Copyright by Christina Wilson, All rights reserved


I Am Free

Before I met Jesus I was full of sin

My life was in trouble what a mess I was in

I was blind on a path and could not see

I heard a soft still voice calling out for me

He was drawing me close he was drawing me in

Freeing me from the bondage of sin

He freed my mind and opened my heart

He blessed me within now I have a new start

© Copyright by Christina wilson, All rights reserved